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The end of the race season… or is it??

Let’s talk about this, shall we?

OK, I know what several of you are thinking. It’s April, winter is long-since over with (for however long it lasts in South Florida, which was unusually short this year, even by our standards), all of the Big Local Races (halves and fulls) are done, and the FIT Season is winding down, right? The Storm Series? Little more than a breezy memory. Disney races? Goofied out. Local iterations of the big race series like 13.1 and Rock N Roll? Hasta solonga.

So what’s a FIT runner to do?


OK I know, you Big Sur runners are still deep in training, and many of us non-Big Sur types are keeping up our miles as well, but it is always noticeable that the amount of people showing up every Saturday dwindles as the season winds down. The temptation to say, “Well I’m done with races until next Fall, I can always pick it back up next August” is always prevalent. You might even pooh-pooh suggestions that maintaining a lower mileage, three-times-a-week running schedule is worthwhile.

But I implore you: DO NOT POOH-POOH!

There’s still plenty of great reasons to keep your training going, throughout the remainder of the FIT Season and afterward, through the summer until the next FIT Season starts! You’ll remain as healthy as an ox, you’ll become a stronger running by continuing to not only maintain a healthy lifestyle but to build up your stamina and form in the hotter months of the year, and you might even continue running with the same awesome buddies who keep showing up every Saturday morning at the park, even during the off-season.

It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN situation!

But that said, even though the Big Races are done, there are still more events to look forward to in South Florida in April and May. So here are a couple of local races you might want to consider (or even bringing in some fellow runners to join you!)


Coral Gables MS Run 4/5/2014 Coral Gables 5K run
Dash of Color 5K 4/5/2014 Miami Springs 5K novelty run
Great American Bacon Race 4/5/2014 North Miami 5k run, kids run
Paralyzed Veterans of America Awareness 5K Run, Walk & Roll 4/6/2014 Coconut Creek 5K run
Rugged Runner Challenge 4/6/2014 West Palm Beach 4 Mile Obstacle run
Super Spartan Race 4/12/2014 Miami 9 Mile mud run/adventure race
Support Our Troops 10K 4/12/2014 North Palm Beach 10K run, 5k run, kids run
Gumbo Limbo Green Turtle Gallop 10K 4/13/2014 Boca Raton 10K run
down2earth Bark at the Park 5K Dog Run 4/19/2014 Hialeah 5k novelty run
The Human Race 4/26/2014 Hollywood 5K
Florida Brain Tumor Ass’n Sprint for the Cure 4/27/2014 Weston 5K run, 5K walk
Hollywood Running Festival 4/27/2014 Hollywood 13.1 Miles, 10K, 5K
SunFest TGi5K 5/2/2014 West Palm Beach 5K run
Heroes in Recovery 5/3/2014 Coconut Creek 6K run, 6K walk
Mud Mingle – Miami 5/3/2014 Miami 10K mud run, 5K mud run
Wings For Life World Run 5/4/2014 Sunrise Outrun the Catcher Car!
ALS Recovery Fund 10K Run & 5K 5/10/2014 Coconut Grove 10K, 5K
The Color Run 5/10/2014 Fort Lauderdale 5K
Covenant House Florida 5K on A1A 5/17/2014 Fort Lauderdale 5K
Ft. Lauderdale Undy 5000 5/17/2014 Fort Lauderdale 5K
Hugs For Hope 5K Run/Walk 5/17/2014 Sunrise 5K
Keys100 5/17/2014 The Florida Keys 100/50 Mile Ultra, 100 Mile Relay
Double Road Race Ft. Lauderdale 5/18/2014 Fort Lauderdale 10K, 5K, kids run

I’m sure there are plenty more that I’m overlooking, but you get the picture. Is the season over?


It’s not over until WE say it’s over!!

So get out there and run :)

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