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FIT Runner Profile: Kari K!

Hey there, FIT people! Good day, alo, բարեւ, שלום, and of course สวัสดี! Welcome back for yet another fun-filled episode of our ongoing FIT Runner Profile Chronicles, in which we get the amazingly awesome opportunity to get to know more of our amazingly awesome FIT runners, one profile at a time. Hey listen, you’re out there every Saturday morning in the stifling heat and crippling humidity with little sleep at Zero Dark Bupkis and visions of an awesome breakfast lingering just hours away… why not get to know more about the comrades-in-arms sharing the experience with you? You might make a new Breakfast Buddy!!

“Making new Breakfast Buddies” should really be part of our marketing paradigm, but that’s neither here nor there…

ANYWAY… legendary Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw once said: “Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.” On that note, let’s dive right in to our latest buttkickin’ runner profile! She’s a Jersey girl (we always need more of those!) who has been running for several years now, a seasoned 5K, Half Marathon, and relay runner who’s looking to tackle her first Full in January. A newcomer to FIT, she’s a big fan of the House of Mouse and quizzically obsessive about how she organizes her sugar high. Yes my friends, I’m talking about none other than our pal Kari! Let’s give her a big, friendly, “Andy’s Room” welcome and get to know her in a little number that we’re just proud to call…

Getting To Know Kari K!

Full Name: Kari Klein

Age: 30

Hometown: North Brunswick, NJ (Jersey girl for life!)

Current Town: Delray Beach, FL

Occupation: Manager of a kid’s gym

FIT Group: B+

Years Running: 3

Races Completed

  • Expedition Everest Challenge
  • Disney Tower of Terror 10-miler
  • Disney Glass Slipper Challenge
  • Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon
  • Disney World 10k
  • Ragnar FL Keys
  • All the Disney 5k’s
  • A few Color Runs

Upcoming Races

  • Disney Wine and Dine Half
  • Disney Goofy Challenge (my first full!)
  • Ragnar FL Keys
  • Disney Princess 5 and 10k
  • Best Damn Race Orlando
  • Sarasota Half Marathon

Favorite Race (and why)
Ragnar Relay from Miami to Key West. Having to spend 36 hours with a bunch of smelly people in a van doesn’t sound that great, but it’s an AMAZING experience. Running 3 legs of the race with little to no sleep, getting to shower in a high school gym, lots of Dunkin Donuts stops, stopping after the 7-mile bridge to jump into the ocean. All in all everyone should do this race once I their lives, this year will be my second time doing it.

Favorite Cartoon
Movie: Sleeping Beauty
TV Show: The Wuzzles

10 Random Songs on Your Running Playlist
I don’t listen to music while running, I get annoyed by it too easily and messing with my phone to get to a song I want–it drives me nuts!

Reason for Joining FIT
The Goofy Challenge being my first full marathon, I know myself well enough to know I won’t do the long training runs on my own…that and Rosa Melgara made it sound so awesome last year. So here I am!

Favorite 80s Movie
Labyrinth — David Bowie and goblins!


image4 (1)Running goals for the near future (distance, time, specific race, travel, etc.)
Finishing Goofy and being able to walk the next day!

Favorite Post-Run Meal/Snack/Restaurant
I’m an omelette lover so give me a veggie omelette with some Swiss cheese and a chocolate milk and I’m happy.

Finally, tell us anything (or everything!) about yourself!

I’m a total Disney nerd; Run Disney is the reason I started running. It’s my happy place so why not get healthy and play in the parks at the same time?!

Hockey is my favorite sport in the world (Let’s go Devils!).

I sort my Skittles by color before eatting them and my M&M’s too.

Social Media

Facebook —
Twitter —
Instagram — @k_klein23

And there you have it! Much thanks to Kari for taking the time to fill out her profile for our blog. And as always, if you would like to be featured (and why WOULDN’T you? You automatically become THAT MUCH COOLER!) you can either email me your answers at, OR (even easier!) fill out our Runner Profile Questionnaire, and you can submit your profile online! Remember, you don’t have to answer any question you don’t feel comfortable about, and if you want to volunteer more information about yourself that I didn’t ask, feel free to do so! There are no rules here, except please try to limit your colorful haikus about Norwegian Hammer Dancing to about seventeen, OK?

FIT Pet Profile: Ollie & Henry

bean2Meow, Fit Blog readers!

It’s me, Bean, and I’m back to present another one of our wonderfully exquisite FIT Pet Profiles, featuring a fabulous festival of furry friends over which fantastic folk can freely fraternize over findings both far-flung and familiar! Now that is way too much alliteration for one phenomenal kitty like myself to handle, so I’m going to curl up with some treats and glare at you for awhile. Why? Because I’m a cat. That’s why. Meow!

But before I do, allow me to present our next two FIT pets to you to discover and appreciate. Yes that’s right, I said “pets” with an ‘s’, as today we are featuring not one but TWO of our furry friends! They seem to be quite adorable and funny and full of personality! They are the proud owners of a human you running people like to call Coach Cassandra, so here you can get to know both of them in something I would like to call…

Getting To Know Ollie & Henry!

The Beagles Bros!

The Beagles Bros!

Our Names: Oliver & Henry

What Are We?: Beagles!

Our Human’s Name: Cassandra S.

How Did We Come To Live With Our Human?

Ollie: Mommy decided on her birthday she would just go wonder in a pet store and there I was with my sister at 6 weeks old wondering who was going to take me to my forever home! I was so cute with my big floppy ears she couldn’t resist and that same day an hour later I had a forever home in Rhode Island! P.S. Thank God we moved to Florida it is much nicer weather for me to play outside year round!

Henry: Mommy found me on a Beagle Rescue Facebook page and instantly had to find out more information about me. Now, that’s only because I look like my handsome brother Ollie. After talking to my foster mommy in Louisiana, she decided to give me a forever home with a Big Brother. I traveled to Florida with a beagle rescue in Tampa and Mommy and Daddy came and picked me up one weekend in Sarasota and from there it is history! Now I am the little maniac brother Ollie always wished he had!

Our Nicknames: Ollie and Hen-ster

Years Watching Our Human Run: Ollie: 2-1/2 years ,and Henry: 1-1/2 years

Hanging out with our Humans!

Hanging out with our Humans!

Favorite Treat: We both love Milkbones and pig ears!

Favorite Toy/Activity: When we are not trying to steal each others bones, we rough house and wrestle a lot which drives mommy crazy! We knock stuff over all the time! We also like to run like wanna be greyhounds! If only we were that skinny!

Cute Story About Us: We have so many cute stories however our favorite is the time Mommy tried to take me, Ollie, kyaking and well, I must say I am a mama’s boy and DO NOT like the water. I decided this was for the birds so I jumped out in the middle of the Narragansett Bay, RI and well I couldn’t swim well, and Mommy had to jump in after me. Let’s just say it didn’t end well but we both got a great stinky bath! :)

Running Tip or Advice For Humans: We like to tell humans that as cute as we “dogs” might be, we all DO NOT like to run like you! We much rather be sniffing the grass, chasing birds, barking at other dogs and humans, or playing with toys. Running is for those motivated humans and us Beagles, we just like to eat, sleep, and Sniff! However we do recommend to always stay hydrated as we can not survive with out water too! Especially in this Florida humidity! And…. please be safe and watch for cars!

Anything Else You’d Like To Add: We love other dogs and gladly accept babysitting duties or dog walking/watching while you are away on vacation! Do not hesistate to ask!

Meow, there it is! Thanks to both Ollie and Henry for taking the time to fill out their profiles for our burgeoning pet corner of the FIT blog. And if you would like to be featured (and why WOULDN’T you? You automatically become THAT MUCH COOLER!) you (or your human, if you’re feeling above such petty duties as typing) should fill out our Pet Profile Questionnaire, and you can submit your profile online! Isn’t that wonderful? Thanks again, FIT pets and their humans, and keep being awesome! MEOW!

FIT Runner Profile: Mishele H!

Well hello again, hey there hi there ho there, aloha, dobrý den, and other assorted salutations of whimsy and wonderment. We’re back with today’s installment of our FIT Runner Profiles, an ongoing journey in which you — our readers — get to know one of your fellow runners and find out many of the things that make them pretty gosh darn awesome! And there’s a lot of gosh darn awesomeness to go around, especially battling exhaustion in bright yellow shirts every dark Saturday morn’, and it’s our job to deliver it to you, one swell person at a time.

Speaking of which, Harry Potter creator and ultra-zillionare British author J.K. Rowling once wrote: “There are some things you can’t share without ending up liking each other, and knocking out a twelve-foot mountain troll is one of them.” Our latest profilee is a newcomer to FIT and has been spotted out there hitting the asphalt with us every Saturday morning, kicking butt, taking names, and knocking out mountain trolls like it’s going out of style. She’s a well-established Michelangelo of the Follicle Arts, and is training for her first Half Marathon, the 2014 Miami Beach Halloween Half, having mastered several 5Ks and more along the way. She’s a midwestern native and a bonafide travel junkie, and we’re pleased as pigeons to have her in FIT! That’s right, I’m talking about our friend Mishele, so let’s get to know her better in a little number we’d just love to call…

Getting To Know Mishele H!

photo 5 (1)Full Name: Mishele Hobson

Age: 44

Hometown: Zion, IL

Current Town: Cooper City

Occupation: Hairdresser

FIT Group: D

Years Running: 2 yrs 8 years ago, and just started back up in March

Races Completed
A handful of 5Ks of which I thought were a huge accomplishment for me :) and 8 years ago I did the 8 tough miles in St John, Virgin Islands. That was the longest race for me….and the last time I put running shoes on until 6 mos ago….haven’t stopped running since.


Upcoming Races

  • Halloween 1/2
  • 13.1 Fort Lauderdale
  • A1A Publix Fort Lauderdale…
  • And I am sure more to come :) Go Big or go home….

Favorite Race (and why)
Well considering I have only done 5k’s and one 8 mile race, I would have to say the 8 miler. It was a huge accomplishment for me since I had never ran farther than 6 miles before doing that race. Fast Forward 8 yrs and I am finally completing my goal of running the 1/2.

photo 4 (1)

Favorite Cartoon
I didn’t really care too much about cartoons but give me a Muppetts show and you couldn’t pull me away from the tv….I LOVED Miss Piggy…to this day I still love watching the Muppetts!!!

10 Random Songs on Your Running Playlist
I don’t have a running playlist, I just hit play on my iTunes and if it is too slow a song, hit fast forward. I’d get bored if I heard the same songs over and over again. However, my favorite music is soca and reggae. My friends tell me I was Jamaican in a previous life….

Reason for Joining FIT
I have had this goal to run a 1/2 marathon for years…I finally started back up running last March and decided to sign up for the Halloween 1/2 in October 4 days after my 45th bday. My birthday present to myself :) I started to try on my own the long runs and got to a 8 miler and realized I would need the help and camaraderie of other runners. I met Marcela at Runner’s Depot and her personality and energy was the reason for choosing FIT. I am so happy I did!!!!

photo 3 (1)Favorite 80s Movie
BREAKFAST CLUB!!! I have probably seen it over 100 times….

Running goals for the near future (distance, time, specific race, travel, etc.)
So considering the longest race I have done is 8 miles, my goal right now is to be able to run, walk, or crawl over the finish line of the Halloween 1/2 with a big smile on my face that I did it and collect that glorious medal that I have worked so hard for and for all the times my kids have said “You’re getting up at what time to run???” hahahaha

Favorite Post-Run Meal/Snack/Restaurant
After running my all time favorite meal is my veggie omelet made with extra mushrooms (I LOVE MUSHROOMS), spinach, onion, zucchini, red pepper, and crumbly aged real cheddar cheese (not the fake stuff :) with a side of avocado!!!!!! mmmm num num num….

photo 1 (1)Finally, tell us anything (or everything!) about yourself!

I have been married for 19 years to an awesome guy, I have 2 teenage girls 15 and 16. (Stay off the road, one is driving and the other has a permit)2 dogs with a combined weight of 12 lbs. I have been a hairdresser for over 25 years and still love it like day 1! I have lived in Wisconsin, Illinois, Alabama, Virgin Islands, South Carolina, and Florida!! I have traveled to just about every Carribbean Island and have been to Paris, Rome, Venice, Amsterdam, London, Edinburgh and Glasgow, and Munich and finally in the near future Alaska for the first time with my new friends!!! I think I am most excited about Alaska is to have local Salmon….my favorite food of all time…….

And there you have it! Much thanks to Mishele for taking the time to fill out her profile for our blog. And as always, if you would like to be featured (and why WOULDN’T you? You automatically become THAT MUCH COOLER!) you can either email me your answers at, OR (even easier!) fill out our Runner Profile Questionnaire, and you can submit your profile online! Remember, you don’t have to answer any question you don’t feel comfortable about, and if you want to volunteer more information about yourself that I didn’t ask, feel free to do so! There are no rules here, except please try to limit pictures of your imported Italian spoons collection to about a dozen, OK?

FIT Runner Profile: Robyn H!

Well hey there, goeie dag, osiyo, bonjour, and sveiki! The FIT season is in full swing and that means we’re back with yet another installment of our FIT Runner Profiles, in which you — our adoring readers — play an exciting round of “Get to know me!” with our amazing cadre of running pals. I mean, the F in FIT doesn’t stand for ‘frammistats’, does it? Nope, it means ‘Friends’, which is what we all are and what the heck is a ‘frammistat’ anyhow? Regardless, thank you for reading and let’s get right to work, shall we?

Legendary British Prime Minister Winston Churchill once said: “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Our profilee for today hails all the way from Parkersburg, West Virginia — hometown of the Wood County Ravens football team! — and is a FIT newcomer with four years of running and several races already under her belt. She’s also training for her very first Full Marathon in January and will Never Say Die!! That’s right, I’m talking about our good friend Robyn H, our FIT buddy subject for today. Sit down by the fireplace and make yourself comfortable as we find out what makes Robyn so awesome in a little number we’d like to call…

Getting To Know Robyn H!

robyn1Full Name: Robyn Hamilton

Age: 37

Hometown: Parkersburg, West Virginia

Current Town: Miramar, Florida

Occupation: Wells Fargo – Sales Analyst

FIT Group: C

Years Running: 4

Races Completed

  • Subaru Distance Classic Distance Classic – Half Marathon 2011
  • Disney Half Marathon – 2012
  • ING Miami Half Marathon – 2012
  • Disney Half Marathon – 2013
  • GFLRRC St. Patrick’s 10K – 2013
  • Disney Glass Slipper Challenge – 2014
  • Miami Super Spartan 2014
  • Numerous 5Ks

Upcoming Races

  • Chosen Half Marathon – Tampa (November 2014)
  • Disney Marathon (January 2015)
  • Tampa Spartan Sprint (February 2015)
  • Disney Princess Family 5K (February 2015)

Favorite Race (and why)
GFLRRC St. Patrick’s 10K because I finished in 57 minutes! For me this was incredibly fast! It was a very cool morning and the humidity was low, perfect day for a fast race! And of course the Disney Glass Slipper Challenge because I completed it with all my running friends. It was an awesome experience!


Favorite Cartoon
I want to say Road Runner or Wonder Woman because they both go along with this questionnaire for FIT. However, honestly growing up my favorite was Scooby Doo.

10 Random Songs on Your Running Playlist

  • Never Say Never – Basement Jaxx
  • Blessed – Avicii
  • Sleepless – Cazzette
  • Paradise – Coldplay
  • Leaving You – Audien
  • Hurricane Drunk – Florence and The Machine
  • Don’t Stop Believing – Journey
  • 1901 – Phoenix
  • Strangers – Seven Lions
  • Latch – Disclosure

Reason for Joining FIT
The reason I joined FIT is because I am running my first marathon in January, and I wanted help with training. Also, because my best running buddy Tracy Smith was joining and I couldn’t have her be in a training group without me!

Favorite 80s Movie
The Goonies!

robyn3Running goals for the near future (distance, time, specific race, travel, etc.)
To run my first marathon!
To PR my 5K!
To win a lotto spot in the 2015 NYC Marathon (this is my wish every year)!

Favorite Post-Run Meal/Snack/Restaurant
Beer and chocolate chip cookies!

What is your favorite sports team?

Finally, tell us anything (or everything!) about yourself!
I have been married for 9 1/2 years, and have two daughters ages 4 & 6. I love to run, and recently have taken up CrossFit. Last year I was injured with a stress fracture, and as miserable as I was I am glad it happened because it taught me how much I love the sport of running. My dream is to one day run the NYC Marathon. Besides running I love shopping, going to Disney with my family, and traveling.

Social Media

And there you have it! Much thanks to Robyn for taking the time to fill out her profile for our blog. And as always, if you would like to be featured (and why WOULDN’T you? You automatically become THAT MUCH COOLER!) you can either email me your answers at, OR (even easier!) fill out our Runner Profile Questionnaire, and you can submit your profile online! Remember, you don’t have to answer any question you don’t feel comfortable about, and if you want to volunteer more information about yourself that I didn’t ask, feel free to do so! There are no rules here, except please try to limit pictures of your imported Italian spoons collection to about a dozen, OK?

Creating Your Own Inexpensive Run-Friendly Costumes!

Creating Your Own Inexpensive Run-Friendly Costumes

by The Running Stylist

Elvis times 2

Kristi and Ginger have not quite left the building

With Halloween soon approaching, it’s time to talk costumes!

I LOVE to dress in costume.  I don’t think I can stress that enough.  As a kid, Halloween was always my favorite holiday, and still is today. The chance to be creative, dress up as whatever you wish, have fun, and best of all – no one looks at you weird.  Well, almost no one.  To this day I still plan my Halloween costume a month or two in advance. Sometimes I even get my little dog Ginger in on the act, although she isn’t as enthusiastic about it as I am!

When I joined FIT in 2012, I had only run one marathon 8 years prior. I was happy to be back into running and even happier to be in great company, surrounded by amazing positive people.  When I heard there was an event called The Halloween Half Marathon, I could barely contain my excitement!  My friend Vivian asked if I wanted to run it and I immediately started blurting out costume ideas.  I ended up dressing as a referee and Vivian was dressed as a burglar.

Vivian and Kristi at the Halloween Half

Vivian and Kristi at the Halloween Half

Since that race I have been hooked!  For me, running combined with dressing in costume was like beer and pizza: they just naturally go together.   I soon discovered that there are several race events during which  people not only dress in costume, but wearing costumes is  actively encouraged!

Attend any Disney race and you will see a large percentage of the runners in a costume of some kind. Then throw in all the holiday 5Ks and races: Memorial Day, 4th of July, Turkey Trot, Christmas….  I was beside myself with the prospect of all these races and all the costume possibilities. But then the reality of cost set in.

Paying for all these events is not cheap. I will splurge on the things that matter, like running shoes, but overall I consider myself a pretty thrifty person.  When you are on a budget, you are forced to be creative.  Since I don’t know how to sew (yet) to make my own costumes, I pride myself on being able to assemble pretty cool costumes for as little money as possible.

Now I am by no means an expert, nor do I claim to be, but I do love shopping and finding good deals. I’ve got about 14 costumed or themed runs under my water belt and I believe I can offer some practical advice on how to run in costume – inexpensively — to costume-running newcomers and long-timers alike!

Shop your closet

FIT bees

2013 Halloween Half Marathon

Some of the best costumes I’ve come up with use running clothes I already own. Take for example our first Halloween Half costumes. In my running wardrobe I had a black running skirt and black running hat, as well as black calf sleeves.  I purchased a referee top (made of wicking material) online for about $13 and pair of white socks with black stripes for under $5.  Vivian did even better. She was only out $2 for a mask! Everything else, including the pillowcase, she assembled from her own belongings.   In 2013 the FIT group transformed into a swarming mass of bumblebees by applying black masking tape to their yellow FIT shirts and each person added on a few inexpensive bee accessories. Creative, one-of-a-kind, and truly a money-saving measure.BONUS:  you want to run in something that is comfortable and won’t chafe. Using clothes you own and wear regularly will ensure your run is much more enjoyable.

Buy new running clothes

dee-dumSay you have a particular character in mind but you don’t own anything that really illustrates that character.  You can shop for running pieces that fit and complement the overall look of character.   For example, if you want to dress as Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dum, search for a pair of red running shorts or running skirt and yellow tank or shirt.  Then add accessories a red cap and large blue bow tie. Stores like TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Ross sell name brand running apparel and accessories for closeout bargain prices.  I’ve found Nike running skirts for a little as $12.99 and the only thing wrong with them was they were last season’s color. Always, always, always check the clearance rack.  Not a fan of going to stores? Check Amazon and eBay and compare prices.

BONUS:  Not only will you have the foundation pieces for your costume, but you are purchasing running clothes that you can wear again and again.

Walt Disney World 5K

Walt Disney World 5K

Accessories make the difference

Sometimes adding just a few small items to an outfit make a difference. Take for example this Princess Costume I wore to the 2014 Disney World 5K. (I’m the one on the left!) I already owned the pink running skirt and matching running top, as well as the white arm warmers which worked as “gloves”.  All I bought was a princess crown at Dollar Tree for, you guessed it: $1. I found the white and pink striped socks at Target for $5. Total cost for this costume was under $7, including the garbage bag!

You don’t need to go “all out” especially during longer runs

While we’re all fans of elaborate costumes, we’re still going to be running in these outfits, so sometimes just you’ll need to stick to the basics. With a 5K or 10K, you may be all right with carrying props or wearing a big bulkier costume, but for longer races it’s probably wise to scale back and focus on a few key details of the character — just enough to give the flavor of the character.For the 2014 Disney Marathon I dressed as Snow White.  Again, I already owned most of this costume as part of my usual running wardrobe (blue tank top, black running shorts, yellow calf sleeves, red visor, and aforementioned white arm warmers).   I purchased a yellow skirt for $25 from Sparkle Athletic and found a head band with red bow attached at Ross for $3.  While it would have been nice to craft Snow’s puffy sleeves out of fabric and ribbons and form the large white collar to attach to the back of my tank, I felt it wasn’t necessary and most likely they would of bothered me during the run. This outfit not only resembled Snow White because of the key elements, it was comfortable and easy to run in. Best of all: it was inexpensive too!

Snow White in Epcot

Snow White in Epcot

Tutus and sparkly skirts. 

green sparkleTutus and sparkly skirts are pretty much seen at any race worn by women AND men.  Plenty of guys are starting to wear tutus and it’s awesome!  The nice thing about these add-on items is they can be easy to run in, come in an array of colors, and can be used over and over again. A single green sparkly skirt can help bring a Little Mermaid, Peter Pan, hula dancer, St. Patrick’s Day, or elf costume to life.  These items can be purchased online for anywhere from $10-$35, a small investment for a piece that can be used several times.  If you’re crafty it can be even cheaper! Buy your own materials and fabric and make your own with the help of YouTube how-to videos.

Pre-made costumes


2013 Halloween Half Marathon

Not all my costumes have been created using my own clothes. I have run in ready-made costumes from an online costume superstore. For the 2013 Halloween Half Marathon my best running girlfriends and I went as a group of Ladybugs and Bumblebees. These were pre-made costumes, purchased for about $16 each, and proved to be comfortable and quite easy to run in as they were unrestrictive. If you do decide to run in a pre-made costume I recommend you pay attention to the costume itself and determine if it would be ideal for you and the distance you are planning to run.  Most pre-made costumes are not made with runner-friendly material.  Using Body Glide or Dry Goods is also a good idea to prevent any chaffing.   Also, shop around. There are quite a few websites that sell costumes.  The same exact ladybug costume I found for about $16 was being sold on other sites for $40 and up.  It may take a little time to research different websites, but if it saves money it’s worth it.

Just for the guys.


Dash From The Past 5K

Dash From The Past 5K

Now some of you reading this are probably thinking – this is great and all but it is written by a woman for women only. NOT TRUE!! Costumes are for guys too!! Think of all the great iconic characters you could easily dress as! Under Armour has come out with a line of workout compression shirts with superhero logos. Add your shorts and BAM! Instant costume. Who wouldn’t want to be Spidey?!  All the advice outlined above can apply to men as well, including the tutus!!

My running buddy Matt and I participated in The Dash From the Past 5K, another event that encourages costumes. We went as Daphne and Shaggy from The Scooby-Doo Gang. Matt ordered a pair of brown running shorts and a green running shirt through Amazon and bought a cheapo wig at Party City.  He still uses the running gear (although not together) and even re-used the wig at The Color Run! I spent under $18 on that costume as I already had the purple skirt. I found a purple running tank at Marshalls ($9.99), the scarf was on clearance at Target ($2.98) and I found the lavender tights ($3.99) there as well.  Scooby lives in my bedroom and was just happy to be outside.

Just have fun with it!

elvis runGo crazy, be wild, and enjoy yourself! Need inspiration or ideas to get started? Google the character’s name and the word “costume” or “running costume” afterward.

In my experience I’ve found these guidelines to be helpful, but I have made mistakes along the way. I did a run in my Elvis costume, complete with cape, mic and my blue “suede” running shoes at Weston Run Club for their Halloween run. Even though the costume was a hit, it wasn’t the most enjoyable 3 miles. I learned a lot from that short run about what works for me in a running costume and what doesn’t.

Now I’d like to hear from you! Please share any of your experiences, advice, or photos of your DIY inexpensive costumes in the comments below.  Also, if you have any questions, I’d be happy to help answer them.

I hope to see all of you dressed up at The Halloween Half Marathon this year! Until then, keep on running with style!

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