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Cat Running Tips — from Bean!



bean2Meow, FIT Blog Readers! This is a Blog Takeover!!!

My name is Bean (really it’s Sabrina, but no one calls me that; only the vet and Mommy when I barf on the carpet…) and I’m the “unofficial” FIT cat. I know you enjoy reading all about your fellow human running buddies, but since the Internet loves cats, it was only a matter of time until we invaded this blog too!  Since the Strange Human Matt is going to Sarasota to earn his last Storm Series medal, I thought this would be the perfect time for me to takeover.

First a little bit about me. My mommy is FIT member Kristi and I can tell you she loves running and bringing these huge shiny things on pretty ribbons home. Even though I don’t run (well, except to my food bowl) I’ve been watching my mommy wake up in the middle of the night to get ready for training runs and races for two years now. Why she doesn’t cater to my every demand and feed me at 3:00 in the morning is still a mystery.  Anyway, after years of observing, listening, and laying on my mommy’s Runner’s World and Competitor magazines, I think I know a little bit about running!  I’ve absorbed enough information to share some words of wisdom on the sport.   So I give to you:

Running Advice from a Cat’s Point of View


1. Be sure to stretch after your run.



2. Wear the proper shoes.



3. Be sure to stay hydrated.



4. Get plenty of rest.



5. Be prepared for any weather conditions.



6. Do some cross-training.



7. Training with friends makes it much more fun!



8. And races with friends are the best!



9. Wear your medal with pride!



10. And above all, enjoy yourself!



I hope you enjoyed that. If not, I really don’t care.

I’m a cat.

Calling all FIT pets!! It’s time to share your absorbed running and fitness knowledge with the rest of the FIT community!! Please send a profile of your human (if they haven’t been profiled yet) and yourself so we can get to know you! If your human has been profiled, then just send your info.

FIT Runner Profiles can be filled by clicking on this link.

FIT Pet Profiles can be completed by clicking on this link here.

I look forward presenting many FIT PET PROFILES in the future!! In the meantime, I’m going beg to mommy AND daddy separately to get double the Temptation treats :)


Running Violations :)


8 Stages of Marathon Running

Muchas thanksias to Denise W. for this… and holy moley macarole, does this encapsulate the experience perfectly :) Enjoy!

Proper T-Shirt Etiquette

Denise W. brought this article to my attention, and hokey smokes! Just a wee bit snarky, perhaps, but utterly hilarious. You know, in every race you still see people running wearing the official race shirt, and while you’re tempting to scream out “NEWB!!!!” you stifle it, because (a) you’re not a total jerk (hopefully), and (b) everyone runs their own race, their own way. Even if they are violating “proper t-shirt etiquette”. Or something.

Anyway, take a look for yourself and have a good laugh! Or a nosh, if you’re hungry… or both! Man I’m dying for a knish from Flakowitz…

Proper T-Shirt Etiquette –


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