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FIT Runner Profile Questionnaire

If you would like… nay, LOVE to be profiled on the FIT Blog, fill out the following and hit SUBMIT.

Once I get everything formatted I’ll be in touch. Make sure you include your name and email.

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Current Town


FIT Group

Years Running

Races Completed

Upcoming Races This Season

Your Favorite Race (And Why!)

Your Favorite Cartoon OF ALL TIME!

10 Random Songs on Your Running Playlist

Reason for Joining FIT

Favorite 80s Movie

Running goals for the near future (distance, time, specific race, travel, etc.)

Favorite Post-Run Meal/Snack/Restaurant

Any questions we didn't ask you'd like to answer? Ask them (and answer yourself) here!

Tell us anything (or everything!) about yourself!

Finally, link your Social Media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.) via URL
Example:, etc.

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