Newton Test Night at Central Park!

Say, gang: what are you doing this Tuesday night? I’m talking the night of FEBRUARY 17, 2015… OK aside from saving the world from imminent destruction by an alien armada or solving the perpetual motion mechanism dilemma in your spare time or even just doing a crossword puzzle with a pen? Can you spare a few moments?

Runners-DepotGood! At Central Park in Plantation (where we met regularly for Speed Training with Coach Bob) on Tuesday the 17th at 6:45 PM, Friends In Training is teaming up with our buddies at Runners Depot for a Newton Test Night! Here’s your chance to not only hang out and run with your awesomely wonderful and insanely attractive FIT buddies, but you can also test drive a pair of Newton shoes to see if they are to your liking. And let’s face it, a chance to experience new running shoes is always a cause for celebration, right? Just say the words “new running shoes” and watch eyes glaze over and mouths start salivating. And that’s just us GUYS!

But wait (as they say), there’s more! After our fun at the park, join us for a special social event! We’re gonna be schlepping on over to Zona Fresca in Plantation to grab a bite and celebrate. They are located at 1095 S. University Drive, on the west side of University, halfway between Broward Blvd. and I-595, behind the Applebee’s. Do not miss this event! It’ll be lots of fun, for sure, but it will also benefit our very own FIT Team For Kids group charity. Mention FIT at the cash register and 15% of your check will go towards their group fundraising for Team For Kids.

So let’s see… hanging out with friends, testing out new running shoes, having an awesome dinner AND raising money for charity? Now THAT’S entertainment! And for a good cause! See you then my friends, and keep kicking asphalt!

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