Privacy Policy

Like many other websites, this site collects information about our visitors. The following document outlines the various pieces of information that we collect when you visit our site, as well as how this information is used and how it can be protected.

Information Collected

Each time a person visits the website, certain information is collected. This information includes, but is not limited to, IP addresses, browser names, versions of said browser, and time that the site was visited. This information is not specific to you, and it is captured in logs that give no indication of who you are or any of your personal data.

Personally Identifying Information

Sometimes, this website will collect personally identifying information in addition to non-specific information. This information is only collected if you submit it voluntarily and is not a condition for viewing the website. Such information includes names, addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers. It also includes any other information that you happen to provide us via the site or email communications.


This website uses cookies to provide the best service to our users as possible. Cookies are small bits of information stored on your computer. They serve multiple purposes, including the storing of preferences, items added to shopping carts, and the customization of the website depending on the type of browser that you use. You can disable cookies if you wish, but you should keep in mind that this site may require the use of cookies and you may not be able to view the entire site if you do disable this functionality.

Links and Third Party Sites

Sometimes, this website will link to other websites not owned by us. This site cannot assume any liability for the policies of third party websites, and you are highly encouraged to view the privacy policies that are located on these other sites before you use them.

Information Security

Keeping your information secure is one of the most prevalent concerns of this site. In order to make sure that your information is kept safe, this site employs industry standard encryption technologies that follow strict, law abiding guidelines. These steps include physical, electronic, and practical safeguards. While we do our best to make sure that your information is kept safe, no method of transmission across the internet is completely safe.

Your Rights

By posting information to this site, you acknowledge and agree that this site and its webmasters have the right to change, use, publish, reproduce, or distribute as we see fit. If you are posting information that is not unique, you must first obtain permission from the original owner to do so. Personally identifying information that is submitted to the site will not be distributed, changed, or published, but it may be passed on to third party companies that you request information from or who we feel would provide you with services or products that you may be interested in.

Children Under 13

This website does not collect information from children under the age of 13 knowingly. If you are under this age, then you should not volunteer any information to this site.

Legal Use

By using this site, you acknowledge that the owners of this site are located in the US and are bound by the laws that govern businesses in the same. Information is not released unless it is used to protect the website or if the site is legally bound to do so by a law enforcement agency. Your information is never sold or traded for any reason.

Changes to This Policy

From time to time, this policy may need to be updated. As such, it is important that you check this policy regularly so that you can stay informed of any changes that have occurred since your last visit as use of the website indicates your agreement to any and all policies listed within.