Welcome to the Friends In Training (FIT)
FAQ (frequently asked questions) page.

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1. I have never done anything like this before. Can I really finish a marathon? ABSOLUTELY! Our program has a proven track record of getting participants, regardless of previous experience, to the finish line of a marathon succesfully! Our members include people of all ability levels. Some people that join our program have never run a step in their lives before while others are experienced marathoners with lots of events under their belts! If you have the desire and commitment to stick with our program, you can complete a marathon!

2. How do I sign-up? You can sign-up in person at George English Park on Saturday mornings during any of our registration sessions. For a few weeks prior to a registration session, online registration will also be available. See the “Registration” page on our website for dates of upcoming registration sessions.

3. How much does the program cost? Current registration fees for our 6-month training program can be found on the “Registration” page on our website.

4. What is included in the registration fee? The registration fee includes:
– A 6-month training program supervised by experienced coaches.
– Weekly group training runs/walks on measured courses with on course support (water).
– Daily training schedules and 10 Weeks Speed Training Program
– Educational/informational/inspirational seminars.
– Special guest speakers.
– A Friends In Training technical fabric shirt.
– A reflective ID tag.
– Discounts at local running stores and on Race Events Registration
– Special social events.
– Last, but not least, the camaraderie and team togetherness that is essential in any long distance training program.

5. Is there a minimum age for Friends In Training participants? Yes. First, no one under 16 years of age may join. Anyone under the age of 18 must have parental approval and supervision. A doctors approval is also required. Once all these criteria are met, Friends In Training must approve the membership. Friends In Training reserves the right to refuse membership at their discretion.

6. What is the true cost of the training program? After I paid the registration fees, will I have to pay anything else or raise money for any charity organizations? The “true cost” of the Friends In Training Marathon and Half Marathon Training Program is just what we advertise on our website. If you register online, active.com charges you a service fee. (see the “Registration” page for current pricing information). We are not a charity fundraising organization and there are no hidden fees. However, if you’d like to select a charity organization to raise money for, you can certainly do that. We recommend the American Cancer Society Determination Program. Just keep in mind that the registration fee for Friends In Training is for the training program only. We are not associated with any marathons or other events. You will have to register for whatever event (marathon, half marathon, etc.) you plan on participating in separately from Friends In Training.

7. Are refunds or transfers available? No. We do not offer refunds nor transfers.

8. When does the next training program start?
Check the “Registration” page on the Friends In Training website for current registration information.