By Don Oxley

I am a former athlete myself, but in 2008, I was unable to participate in any sports
due to knee problems for over three years. I was an avid basketball and softball player, and lifted weights from time to time. I have always enjoyed an active lifestyle, now unable to do anything, and 40 extra pounds to show for it.

During the winter, Ileana participated in three half-marathons. I attended and supported her at each one. The Spirit of Competition was swelling up inside me as I watched all the runners start each event. The crowds were exuberant and animated. “I like this, this is great!” Then reality would hit me, “Why can’t I play?” What I did not know was that my journey back to participation and an active lifestyle had already begun.

During the West Palm Beach expo, Ileana met a nutritional cleansing counselor who told her about a great product for weight loss. She bought it for me as a Christmas gift. I was willing to try it. “Why not, I have tried everything else!” I started on January 1st. Within two months I dropped 38.5 pounds and transformed my body. I also began walking with Ileana and her
friends during the week; our FIT friend Audrey was one of them. We would all start walking together, then all the girls would leave me behind as they started their run. Eventually I started running with them, pain free. Over the weeks I continued increasing my distance, still no pain. Suddenly I found myself running three miles each morning before I went to work and it felt great! What happened next is beyond anything I expected, Ileana and Audrey ask me to join them at the beach and I said yes.

It’s 3AM and the alarm is going off. I am stumbling in the dark to find the bathroom. Time to get dressed and join our FIT friends on the beach. I am absolutely crazy!