Success Story By Ileana Oxley

Hi Marcela,

What a wonderful weekend we just had at the Miami ING Marathon. I am so glad to be training with FIT. I spoke to several people and told them it is very difficult to do this if I was on my own. The FIT camaraderie is fantastic and a spiritual boost of reaching another goal in incredible. I can now check a marathon off my bucket list. But to stay in shape and for better health, I will always be involved in the running world. A marathon and half marathon has definitely helped me not quit in spite of the pain or soreness and has kept me focused to cross the finish line. When life happens as it does to all of us, these marathons are instrumental to remembering that we can cross all finish lines no matter how rough life gets at work, home, finances, friends, etc.

Marcela, you were incredible when you stopped short of the finish line to bring in all FIT participants at Disney. Don and I were at different paces and you were there to run us both in. Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication to this group.


Ileana Oxley