Our Programs

The Friends In Training™ (FIT) Marathon Training and Half Marathon Training Programs are both 6-8 month training programs based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida that are designed to get YOU to the finish line!

NEW!! A+ Group: 16:30-18 Min/Mile: We are happy to introduce this new program for beginner walkers! Come join us and get moving! : )

Our programs are designed to give you the knowledge and experience required to not only reach a marathon or half marathon finish line, but to also make running or walking a permanent part of your lifestyle. During your training, you will undoubtedly become stronger, both physically and mentally and the benefits will carry over into all aspects of your life. In addition, you will have the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends!

Meeting days, times and location: We meet on Saturday mornings at George English Park in Ft Lauderdale. The meeting times vary according to group pace and distance scheduled. Our training runs are followed by a group stretching session and a 20 to 30 minute seminar. (We are usually done by 8:30 am)

Our Sign Up Sessions: We currently have 2 sign up sessions/locations per year training for Winter and early spring events. FIT Fort Lauderdale and FIT Weston.

Fall Sign Up Sessions: Occasionally, we train for fall events. Our next fall session will begin in May 2016. We will be training for the Marine Corps Marathon in October 2016 (Accommodating members training for the Chicago Marathon, New York, Marine Corps, Niagara Falls, and other events in October/November of 2016)

Winter, Spring Sign Up Sessions: Our sign ups for Winter events in Fort Lauderdale are in the month of July/ August. (Training for Disney, Life Time Miami, and A1A Marathons and Half Marathons, and any other events in January/February/March, April )

Please note: Our next sign ups in Fort Lauderdale are Saturday, August 1st and 8th, 2015! Mark your calendars and come join us! (Stay tuned for FIT Weston sign up)

  • 8 Months Session: Our upcoming session will be 8 months from August to March to train for all local events mentioned above, plus our destination race.

We welcome all ability levels!

Friends In Training™ has training groups for all ability levels from walkers to Boston Marathon qualifiers. Whether you are a couch potato, walker, casual jogger, experienced runner or marathon veteran, this program is for you! We have new programs starting at various times throughout the year. Check our Sign Up page for the dates of upcoming sign up sessions.

A basic guideline for our training groups is as follows:

Training Group 5K Time 10K Time Training Pace
Group A & A+(Walkers) >37:00 minutes >77:30 minutes >15:00 min/mile-16:30 min/mile16:30 min/mile-18 min/mile
Group B & B+(3 Min Run-1 Min Walkor 1 Min Run-1 Min Walk, or faster walkers) 31:00-37:00 65:00-77:30 12:30-13:30 (B)13:30-15:00 (B+)
Group C(5 Min Run-1 Min Walk) 26:30-31:00 56:00-65:00 11:00-12:30
Group D(10 Min Run-1 Min Walk) 22:00-26:30 46:30-56:00 9:30-11:00
Group E(No Intervals) <22 minutes <46:30 minutes <9:30 min/mile

Group A+: 16:30-18:00 min/mile (Fitness Walkers)